Use our 3d room design
as a buyer incentive.

We'll work with your buyer or potential buyers of your listings to design a room of their choice using their measurements and style.

How Can This Benefit You?

Gain more clients by offering professional interior design

Once a client has worked with you because of this incentive, they will be more likely to work with you in the future

Often home warranties are not used or wanted and 3d room design is a great option to hook a client to use you

Use it for your listings to entice potential buyers to place an offer on the home

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Avoid this situation on your listings by using our virtual staging service.

house sale timeline example:

Home listed for $400k on market May 1

After no offers, price drops to $389,900 after 45 days

With still no offers 30 days later, listing agent drops commission from 3% to 2%

Another 21 days goes by without an offer so price drops again to  $369,900

Finally the home sells 10 days later for $357,000


Total number of days on the market


Total loss in commission


Lost from original list price to sales price


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Here how it works ...

A realtor spends a minimal amount on a before & after picture of the property they are listing to show buyers what a home could look like using a rehab loan.



A buyer gets pre-approved for a loan amount and starts house shopping. We have a very experienced lender. Let's say they are pre-approved for a $400k mortgage and find a house for $300k. They put an offer in for $325 giving them a 75k renovation budget that includes our design services.



We will create a contract between us and buyer stating what rooms we are designing and for how much. We will send our invoice to their lender.



The buyer puts in a loan application for the home with a contractor bid of all the renovation work that will be done including new flooring, painting, cabinets, lighting, etc. The buyer can use one of our reputable contractors or choose their own. If they use one of ours we can work with contractor to give basic design ideas for bid.


Contractor Bid

Once loan approved, we will work with buyer to provide to-scale 3d room designs and provide 3d images, a video walkthrough, and clickable shopping lists so the buyer has the option to purchase and setup furniture and decor. (Those items cannot be included in a rehab loan.)



Once designs are approved we will give all material names (paint, flooring, etc.) that have been chosen by buyer to contractor and they will get to work on your dream home!



What's a Rehab Loan?

A rehab/renovation loan allows you to roll your our design services and renovation cost into one one loan. That's can FINANCE our service AND the cost to make the design happen.

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