just two moms + besties

who love home design

Meet Katie

the left brain

creative director + founder

I've always been a creative. I love to create things and help people so starting an interior design business was an easy decision. I am able to see an overall vision for a project and I know that can be challenging for lots of people especially when it comes to homes. My favorite part of the design process is creating mood boards as an overall visual representation of a project.

West Oak is my second business. I also own a branding business, Ribbon & Ink, where I help women entrepreneurs develop tailored brands from start to finish that attract their ideal clients.

My background is in marketing and graphic design and I can't help but have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Meet Heather

the right brain

operations manager + designer

My love for decorating and making a space look pretty started when I first had my “own” space in college. I spent hours searching for decor and begged my parents to buy it all so my dorm room could look its best. My love for decorating continued to grow as a dorm room became an apartment, a townhouse, and then a single family home. 

Combine my love for decorating with my obsession over my daily and long term to-do lists, it seemed like a no-brainer when Katie asked me to launch West Oak Interiors with her. My real estate background has also allowed me to see the value in home staging and the different interior styles that people have for their homes. 

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